Flypaper Label and Frame Brushes


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Welcome to our very first Flypaper Brush pack launch!

Most of the brush images are from antique Victorian woodblocks and are well worn with use, we have a collection of several hundred and thought this first set would be just in time for the holiday season. We also have pristine lined labels which were inspired by classic antique French museum show cards. Additionally we designed a group of classical French checked inspired labels, these would look great in modern pastel colours!
We’ve ended up with a whopping 52 brushes of varying sizes, mostly 2000px wide.
We include fine lined brushes for framing photographs and Art and quite a few decorative labels which could be used by scrapbookers and graphic designers for t-shirts and general printed business cards etc.
To change colours simply click on the foreground/background colour boxes on your left hand Photoshop side panel to open up the colour picking panel.

Save the file in your normal place for textures etc. like downloads or documents.
To install the brushes either  double click the unzipped file to install whilst your Photoshop is open on your desk top, The brushes will appear at the end of their current brush set. Alternatively, Open Photoshop, click on the brush tool then click on the small arrow at the right of the brush size in the upper menu bar, click on the settings “gear” icon in the upper right of the window that opens, select Load brushes and navigate to where you stored your downloaded brushes.

Please note, its best if you know how to use brushes before purchasing, though they’re very simple to use, simply select a brush, and “stamp” on a document, then it’s just a matter of printing, cutting out and then sticking on your jars etc, you don’t even need sticky labels, even a glue stick will do! Scroll down to see some examples of the brushes in use.

Important Note: These brushes were created in Photoshop CC and apparently aren’t compatible with earlier versions of Photoshop, we are figuring out a workaround to this at the moment.

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Flypaper Label and Frame Brushes

52 Photoshop Brushes

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Click on image for a bigger view.