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Welcome to our new metal inspired collection which, contrary to the cool hard metallic name is remarkably soft and gentle to use! This collection started about a year ago and has been slowly yet steadily worked upon over the winter but was held back by the production of the last tin edges set, as we thought this set would compliment the metallic feel and help fully round-off this subject – for now!  So take a stroll through these cool new metallic shades, add  depth and beef up with the darker tones, apply smoky soft mistiness with the light tones, try layering several textures together as we believe this set can take it!

Our landscape formatted, metal derived textures are easily blended  as they tend to have a natural affinity with photographs, thus building up layers of dark grunge and light tones is easier than  ever. For best results we find our images texture better if we loosely sort out the colours and brightness of our base image first before texturing. We then texture our roughly processed image with textures !

The Flypaper Metallic Pack contains 40 rectangle shaped, landscape orientated textures, all are professionally sized @ 4000 x 5000 pixels and are at industry printing standard 300dpi. All our textures can be used in any editing programme that supports the use of layers, Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, Gimp etc You can also use our textures on your Ipad, Android and smart phones if you have the Photoshop Touch app installed. You can only use them in Lightroom if you use an add-on that allows Lightroom to use layers such as the free Perfect Layers.

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Flypaper Metallic

40 Metallic Based Textures

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The textures in the Flypaper Metallic pack are: Alice, Ancient Mirror, Anodized Steel, Bauxite, Breastplate, Carbide Blue, Chainmail, Copper Haze, Discolite, Dystrophia, Electra, Etched Aluminium, Etched Copper, Fall of Rome, Ferrotype Back, Fossil Stone, Grunge Frame, Mars, Metallic Ice, Metallic Sky, Moss Bone, Ochre Lime, Opal Silver, Pastel Alloy, Pastel Copper, Pewter, Pink Rust, Polished Lead, Quicksilver, Scuffed Rust, Silver Glade, Silver Nitrate, Smoker, Smoky Dusk,Stainless Steel, Sticky Wicket, Tarnished, Verdigris Scratch, Zinc Bar and  Zinc Trunk.