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Winter season
Following on the success of Tex Box One we’re back with a new pack!
It contains 30 large, professional quality, high resolution textures ranging from the subtle to the grunge.
Over the past several weeks we’ve had the pleasure of your feedback and have tailored this new pack to our clients needs.
They are smoother, lighter and have more vignettes. There are also clouds (for Bob!) and interesting antique wall textures.
The colours are clearer, following on from the huge hit of ‘Apple Blush’, we’ve added several more textural fruit goodies!
This winter collection is also going to be easier to use with darker/lighter images.
The original Tex Box One is still going to be an essential base, we hope you’ll have both ready as we’ll continue to show use with both!

Still only US $35 for a download.
All our textures can be used in  any editing programme that supports the use of  layers,  Photoshop, Photoshop Elements,  Gimp etc

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(Please note the file is over 200mb in size so the download may take a while)
Those on very slow connections may prefer to purchase the textures on CD, please get in touch for details.

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The 30 Textures included in Pack Two are:
Algae, Antiquity Scroll, Archival Canvas, Backdrop, Basalt, Beowulf, Burnished Clay, Chlorophyll, Colosseum Sienna, Concorde, Cyprus haze, Gooseberry, Holmes, Icarus Haze, Labyrinth, Lavender Skies, Leaden Hall, Lime Plaster, Lost Void, Luminescent, Marie Antoinette, Ming, Muscatel, Ordinance Map, Paua Nacra, Peach Blush, Rainbow Trout, Sail Cloth, Sunflower Sky and Voyageur Map