Flypaper Texture Panel

Watermark tip!
A few weeks ago, Jill and I were doing a web search for our published images, we normally do this once a week and just set an automated search
with a flickr set. If we’re really lucky we find Getty sold book covers, and that makes our day, what doesn’t make our day is finding sites that have used our images illegally.
This chinese site popped up and was clearly stolen as my watermark had been tampered with, ironically if they had done the job well it wouldn’t have registered on my radar,
and I would have assumed it was just another Getty sale.
This gave me the idea to automate my watermarking with Russell Brown’s Texture Panel as it takes transparent png files. So I created a transparent base in photoshop, applied my current watermark across the top bottom and middle of the png, flattened it and saved as a pug file and then put it into my Texture folder in the panel, it worked a treat, and I now just erase the middle watermark as I did above if i see no need for it.