Gentle Annie

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I have just returned from a lovely weeks holiday on the West Coast of New Zealand’s South Island. It’s one of my favourite areas in this country with it’s mountains, temperate rain forests and wonderfully wild and unspoiled beaches. It does get a lot of rainfall but we were lucky in the week we were away, there’s also the sandflies (the tourist brochures never mention those!) but they must have been on holiday too at this time of the year as I hardly saw any.

I think we visited almost every beach in the area where we stayed so when  I spotted a signpost pointing to “Gentle Annies Beach” I just had to visit as the name was so evocative; I pictured a gentle sandy shore with softly breaking waves, the reality was quite different, it was a beautiful beach, but the sea was huge and rough and like most of the West Coast beaches not safe for swimming.

Back to the  blog, we’ve  just realised that our past posts and recipes on the blog are really hard to browse so until we get an archive system of some description up and running what we’d suggest is you search for a pack name in the search field at the bottom of the front page. Also we’ve just added the new August pack to our Complete Package and Painterly Combo, but if anyone wants a combo that we don’t have listed feel free to get in touch and we’ll see what we can do.

Now, onto the processing, as usual it was fairly simple.

Teipolo @ Soft Light 66% masked gently from the beach
Candide@ Hard Light 68% Masked gently from the sky/mountains
Brushed Rose @Overlay 80%
At this stage I decided to add some seagulls from another photo for a bit more drama
Finally I used curves and levels adjustments  to tweak tone and to  stop the waves looking so washed out.

Tiepolo and Candide are from the August Painterly Pack and Brushed Rose is from the Summer Painterly.

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