Golden Daisies

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We hope you’re all enjoying the new August Painterly pack as much as we are? Feel free to post examples of your work on our Facebook page or in our Flickr Flypaper group, we love seeing what you’re doing with our textures, or tell us what you think under the blog posts, we love feedback too!

This photo was done when we were trying out the newly made textures, checking to see what worked best and what didn’t. We always create far too many and have to judiciously weed out some so we have the  very best in the pack. The two I used here were initially called Storm and Soft Blue, now they’re Tempesta and Tiepolo -what a difference a name makes!
Anyway the processing, it was very simple and worked so well I am sure I’ll use that particular combo again in the future.

Tempesta @Soft light 100% (masked from the top portion of the image using a graduated mask -using the graduated fill tool)
Tiepolo @ Overlay 92% masked gently from the focus flowers.

Both textures are from the August Painterly pack

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