Horse track into mist

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mouse-over for before view.

Great to be back to almost normal after moving house a few weeks back.
We’re now in a rural area, away from the mountains and near the famous river Soane which is but a few fields away.
We’ve moved to a 300 year old half timbered farmhouse with a large treed garden and swimming pool. The best part is it’s a totally new area to photograph! ☺

Around 2 weeks back we were still getting these lovely morning mists that this area is famous for as people have worryingly warned us: “You’re moving to the mists?” :-O
Fortunately it’s only during the cold winter months and anyhow all those misty landscapes, I’ll be sorted for years! 😉

Whilst I was distracted with the move we heard that Google had generously decided to give the whole Nik  collection away for Free! So get downloading people and then purchase our presets content at only 8 USD!

Back to the image, it was at sunrise, bottom of our new farmhouse garden, that’s a horse track next to the fence and just out of view, down the bank is the ancient mill pond in the horse paddock.

Processing was fairly easy, firstly I knocked back the highlights in Adobe Camera raw to darken the sky slightly, then I ran it through our Fly Nik Colour Presets and settled on Bison from our Fly Nik colour 4 preset pack this had a lovely light filled centre that pulled the entire image together.

I then played around with our flypaper textures in Adobe’s Russell Brown flypaper Texture Panel and although many textures looked great, I settled on a fairly simple smooth warm yellow one from our last Ethereal Painterly pack.
Deimos – Soft Light @ 23%.

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