Hydrangea Blues

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Paul always manages to write such interesting posts when he blogs, but with my flowers I struggle to think of anything to write, I’m just getting over a nasty bout of the flu at the moment which probably won’t help my blog writing.
I especially like blue hydrangeas and have been trying without luck to find a nice pastel blue bush for my garden, the problem is you really have to see them in flower to know exactly what you’re getting as they’re very variable. The other thing to think of when you’re growing hydrangeas is the soil, acid soils help gives a blue coloured flower, while more base soils will give pink, a side dressing of Aluminium sulphate will help keep the flowers blue.
In the meantime I’ll have to keep appropriating flowers on my travels.
Enough gardening and onto the processing…
Aquaflore @multiply 53% gently masked from the flower and bottle
Vieux Gris @ soft Light 100% masked as above
Aotea Mist @ colour burn 26%
Aotea Mist @ Soft light 33%
Scotch Mist @ Overlay 100%
Scotch Mist is from the Spring Painterly pack, the other textures are from the Autumn Painterly.

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