Interview with Lys

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For our fourth interview I’d like to introduce Lys, a famous Paris based artist and designer, who works with La Marelle, a superbly hip publishing company! These are to be found in the best card shops world wide, or can be ordered online HERE .

First of all can you tell us a little about yourself?
I’m a French graphic designer and Illustrator from Paris, working mainly in the cultural editing field. But I’m also involved on several other projects as a pure collage artist : this part of my work remains voluntary more personal, orchestrated by my desires, experiences and interrogations…

We notice you specialise in surreal photo-montages, can you tell us how they come about?

I consider my art as the mirror of my inner self, and so I use a lot of personal drawings and photographs material in my collages. I also often put myself as a character of my stories. It’s a way to pull out my interrogations and feelings. 


From Sarah moon to Kerry Ropper. I also always keep an eye on fresh art from internet, magazines, galleries…

You’re a frequent user of Flypapers and textures, can you share any processing tips?
As my illustrations are full of small and complicated details, I try to have a soft use of Flypapers textures. One rule : I always put a paper texture, lighted by a small halo, on the first layer of my Photoshop file. This give an old fashioned look to my collage and make me feel I’m recreating a kind of old fairy tale on every work.

What processing equipment do you use?

A Mac, a scanner, my drawings, old family photographs and Photoshop. For my exhibitions I usually order prints on real canvas.

Tell us a bit about your upcoming shows?

My next show “ll be at the Cell 63 art gallery, Berlin – Germany, during this summer. I’ll be part of the of the “Mail Art Exhibition”, next august, at the Galleri KG52 , Stockholm – Sweden. I”ll be also featured at the next Kholn Art festival next autumn.

Website and blog info
You can also find and buy my products there under the artist name “Lys”

Many thanks!:-)

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