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I have always made my own jam, usually from produce I’ve grown in my garden. As well as knowing exactly what’s gone into the jar, you get the satisfaction of eating something that’s completely home made (well apart from the sugar that is). The above is a jar of blackcurrant jam and I was delighted to find I’d sold the photo for use as a bookcover via Arcangel Images . The book is  Burnt Toast Makes you sing Good by Kathleen Flinn, here it is on Amazon. I’m adding it to my reading list, I love books like this about food 🙂

burnt toast 2

So two recipes today, first the recipe for the jam.
Blackcurrant Jam
500 g blackcurrants
2½ cups water
1 kg sugar
Boil currants and water for 10 minutes. Add sugar and boil fast until it sets when tested (around half an hour).

and here’s the simple texture recipe
Greystoke @ Overlay 100% Greystoke is my go-to texture for adding a subtle softening effect
Nik Color Efex filter – Lighten/darken centre- to taste
Then I darkened just the shiny part of the jar using curves adjustment masked selectively.

Greystoke is from the Autumn Painterly Pack

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