Jamie Heiden interview

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Introducing Jamie Heiden a favorite illustrative texturiser!
“Jamie lives in rural Wisconsin with her husband and two children.
They have two horses, two goats, two dogs, three cats,
ten chickens and a corresponding amount of chores to be done”.
To coincide with her fabulous new book, we thought we’d do a short interview!

In last night's dream...

You use flypaper textures expertly (we notice:-), can you share any tips for their use with our readers?

Out of my texture collection, the Flypaper Textures are the most refined so there are occasions where I simply layer one on top of an image, adjust the mode and that’s it. The new ‘edges’ pack offers another dimension to the whole collection and combines really well with the first two packs. So, many of my images end up having more than one texture applied. But I also do a lot of playing with opacity, hue and saturation too, making subtle changes until I achieve the desired result. Often times when I am just about to scrap an image and start over, in one final effort I try a more drastic adjustment and it turns out to be exactly what was needed. So, don’t be afraid to play around and experiment.

the laughing cow...
What kind of Camera set-up do you use?

I shoot most often in natural light, preferring diffused and cloudy days of course. I’m a loyal Nikon user…my first camera being a Nikon FG but right now I mainly use my D300 with a wide angle lens. Although I do love my 50 mm too.

What inspires you?

Simplicity. That’s the best way I know how to answer that.

Which post processing program/s do you use?

I’ve just upgraded to Photoshop CS3 from basic CS. My darkroom is filled with cobwebs now because I can do everything and more here on my computer.

Your new softcover book Horizon Lines “pictures that have words on the horizon”
Can you offer a short intro?

This book is a small soft cover collection of 23 of my “horizon line” images. I wrapped them together with a little piece of a story asking the question, “Who am I?”

A Book of Photograp…
By Jamie Heiden
“Can you offer our readers any venues where they can see your photographic prints for sale?”
Upcoming shows etc? Links etc?

If you’re ever in Wisconsin and would like to check out some of my images in person, please visit my website for specifics….there you can find some great coffee shops, art fairs and even a gallery show coming in 2011! Any questions about purchasing prints can be answered there too.

Thank you Jamie! 🙂
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