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It’s that busy spring season here in southern NZ  hence the lack of posts here on the blog (Paul has been busy too, slaving away over his scanner 🙂 ). And with it being spring, you’d have thought I’d be posting more photos of spring flowers and suchlike which are out in abundance at the moment but no, I decided to post a photo I took the other day for my bookcover portfolio. Taken with the macro lens, I added texture to add to the softness and mood.

The processing…
Firstly I got rid of some of the darkness near the bottom using the clone tool. Textures are great for covering my rough cloning 🙂
Greystoke (one of my favourites!) @ Overlay 100%
Cardamom @ Overlay 70% desaturated slightly.
Greystocke @ Overlay 72%
Nik color efex Lighten-Darken centre filter to taste.

Greystoke is from the Autumn Painterly Pack and Cardamom is from the Pastel Painterly Pack.

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