Label and Frame Brushes Launch

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Welcome to our very first Flypaper Brush pack launch!

Both Jill and I are into bottling our excess garden produce in a big way, so this little label and frame pack comes in very useful for us too !

Most of the brush images are from antique Victorian woodblocks and are well worn with use, we have a collection of several hundred and thought this first set would be just in time for preserving season in the northern hemisphere, they’ll also be perfect for the ever popular home-made Christmas goodies.

We also have pristine lined labels which were inspired by classic antique French museum show cards.
Additionally we designed a group of classical French checked inspired labels, these would look great in modern pastel colours!

We’ve ended up with a whopping 52 brushes of varying sizes, mostly 2000px.

We include fine lined brushes for framing photographs and Art and quite a few decorative labels which could be used by scrapbookers and graphic designers for t-shirts and general printed cards etc.

While its best if you know how to use brushes before purchasing, they’re very simple to use, simply select a brush, and “stamp” on a document, then it’s just a matter of printing on your desired paper, cutting out and then sticking on your jars etc, you don’t even need sticky labels, even a glue stick will do!

Scroll down for some examples of the labels in use.

Important Note: These brushes were created in Photoshop CC and apparently aren’t compatible with earlier versions of Photoshop, we are figuring out a workaround to this at the moment.

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Flypaper Label and Frame Brushes

52 Photoshop Brushes

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