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I have been playing with textures from the Natural Bits Taster Pack, and  for me at least, I’ve discovered that they work better on darker  moody images, so I did some archive surfing and turned up this. It’s a seed from the Shoo Fly plant (Nicandra physalodes) which grows very readily in my garden ie. it grows like a weed!  As you can tell from the common name it’s supposed to have insect repellent properties which gives me a good excuse for not pulling it out when weeding, as I love its  pretty blue bell shaped  flowers and eventually these lovely delicate lacy caged seed-pods which make great photographic subjects.

Now the texture recipe

Mudbits 124a @Soft light 68%
Dawn Grunge @ Soft light 100%
Fluidbits67a @ Multiply 67% masked from the central portion and inverted. I find that inverting a texture can give surprising results so don’t be afraid to play.
Copy of background @ Soft light 51%

And it was done! Dawn Grunge is from the Summer Painterly pack the other textures are from the Naturalbits Taster pack.

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