Lacewing Texture with Misty seed heads

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mouse-over for before view.

I shot this very early one misty morning back in the autumn with my new Iphone 6 plus. It’s a view looking back towards my girlfriends house up in the French Jura which is surrounded by mature pine trees. Would have been great if a light was on in the top window, but I like it as is or I would have photoshopped one in!

We’re both now using the top half of this image as a screensaver, works really well with the all over cracks, like a wallpaper. Ive tried others since but I always come back to this, like coming home!

Shooting – contre jour – against the light with the billowing mountain mist cloud as a backdrop, I got a very sombre mouse over for base image image and a skeleton of a plant, so it needed a lot of help brightening, firstly I opened it up in Nik Color Efex and created a new preset (for the next pack!)
Then I opened this brightened image in Topaz Impression and created another painterly preset, but as usual only used 50% opacity of that filter.

Finally, the exciting bit was to use our new unpublished at that time, cracked texture now fittingly named Lacewing and voila, it pulled it all together! I used a few more Flypaper Textures to also brighten, balance and warm up, but it’s the new cracks texture that finally made this image for me!

Sakura Skies – Soft Light @ 78%

Lacewing – Multiply @ 68%

Casanova – Soft Light @ 100% totally desaturated of colour

Sakura Skies is from the Spring Painterly collection. Casanova is from the August Painterly collection and Lacewing is from the Distressed Painterly pack.

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