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mosiac metallic

Following on from our popular tintype textures we now proudly launch a brand new metallic texture pack which perfectly complements our popular tintype edges. This set can be used to create modern, up to date and retro imagery or mixed with any of our eight previous texture packs for endless effects! As ever, the textures names loosely describe the textures, in this case mostly metals, from Anodised Steel to Pewter, others describe atmospheric scenes such as the handsome Smoky Dusk to a Silver Glade which we feel describe their looks perfectly!

So take a stroll through these cool new metallic shades, see how the metallic tones have a natural affinity with the photographic medium? With the darker textures notice how they add depth and beef up the shadows, then perhaps apply some lighter toned textures to add an ethereal soft mistiness and bring out the highlights? Don’t be afraid to try layering several textures together as we believe this set can easily take it! We found they work wonderfully on still life’s, adding a soft rich atmosphere, which we’ll be showing in brand new recipes over the coming weeks!

This pack contains 40 rectangle shaped, landscape orientated textures, all are professionally sized 4000 x 5000 pixels and @ industry printing standard 300dpi.
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Flypaper Metallic

40 Metallic Based Textures

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