Old Glass

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Another from my “famous” basement with it’s lovely winter window light which is naturally diffused through a very grimy window (no one is allowed to clean it!).  The problem is the basement is unheated and in midwinter it’s freezing down there so I don’t visit as often I could in additon the light is only good on bright days and only for a couple of hours in the morning, but I’m not complaining.

Now the processing and it was pretty simple this time.

Curves layer to tweak tone
Spacebits 34a Overlay 50%
  I cloned off some of the harsher lines on this texture and removed it softly from the bottle using a layer mask.
Fly Edges 26 @ Soft Light 100% masked from the bottle, this texture added most of the grunge and the edge detail

And it was done! The spacebits texture comes from the Natural bits Taster Pack, the edge texture is from the Fly Edges set.

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