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I believe this is the first Flypaper Edges 3 blog so I’m pleased to be able to post an already popular image I posted a couple of days ago on my Face Book and Flickr accounts! Captured a few weeks ago in the coldest part of winter when the farm pond in the field next door had been frozen over for weeks, much to the annoyance of the 3 ponies and the black waterfowl that live in these frosted brambles overlooking its banks.

I really liked the festive frosted brambles and red rosehips and shot the image without flash with the misty sunrise behind me, though a flash fill-in could have been useful here.
In processing I opened up in Topaz Impression and used a home made preset of my own, with the simple 2 thin brush strokes and saved the image at 50% strength, as I nearly always do with Impression.
I then opened it up in Nik Color Pro to pull the colours together with a very simple cross process effect and a slight darkening of the top third of the image to balance, I could have gone to town and really zapped it up, but decided less was more.
Finally, opening the new Flypaper Edges 3 set in the Russell Brown paper texture panel to pull it together.
I chose the new glass edges because I thought the frosting would have a natural affinity and I wasn’t disappointed as the iridescent edges were a perfect foil for this image, the full recipe was as below, finishing with a final photoshop levels tweak at the end to brighten and add a little more contrast and voila!

Flypaper Edges 3 – 27 soft light @ 65%
Flypaper Edges 3 – 24 overlay @ 62%

Both textures are from the Glass Plate derived Edges 3 pack

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