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As we’ve often said, its the softer images that are the easiest to texture, that’s not to say that bright ones don’t work with textures, but overcast days with soft light are so much easier to work with. This photo was taken on the very last day of 2012, midsummer here in New Zealand but it certainly doesn’t look it with that stormy sky.

Anyway moving quickly along to the processing…
Catacomb Frieze @ Overlay 100% masked softly from the sky and desaturated a little
Buccolico @ Overlay 75% once again masked softly from the sky and desaturated a little.
Versailles @ Soft Light 100% mostly masked from the sea/sand
Graduated fill to taste to darken the sky a little
Nik Efex 4 Ink filter (just the first one on the list at a very low opacity) This brightened the image a little and gave a slight warmish tone.

Catacomb Frieze is from the Spring Painterly Pack, Buccolico is from the August Painterly pack and Versailles is from the Autumn Pack.

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