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After many weeks slaving in the kitchen we finally have this summers new Pastel Painterly Textures in the bag to Launch!
Their titles theme is possibly everybody’s favourite, herbs, spices and food, including edible flowers!

And what a gorgeous summery painterly set we have, from cool forget-me-nots to Goldilocks who’s finding her Oatmeal textures ‘just right’!
Step into the Laurel woods and gather Aromatic herbs, paddle with Water Mint, pick our mouth watering Blueberries, Damsons and Greengages, feast upon our Eton Mess, Iced Pistachio’s and Rhubarb Crumble, all washed down with Elderflower and Pink Champagne. Later, after the 3 bears have had their hot Chocolait, Goldilocks preferring her healthy Green Tea, will wend her way home through the Honeysuckle scented night air, ready to start that Chicory purge in the morning! 😉

It’s no secret that our painterly textures have been some of our best sellers, and these brand new painterly offerings are so sublimely rendered, even we think we’ve got them ahem, ‘just right’!

Don’t be fooled by the pastels name because these textures have plenty of depth, with loads of iridescent, metallic, verdigris and mirror smooth darker textures for the slightly harder look many of our Metallic fans love, down to the softer, mistier pastels that the header name suggests.

We’ve managed to squeeze 10 extra Textures into this set, that’s a whopping 50 full size textures! We liked them so much we didn’t have the heart to weed out any more than what you see here. We’ve also hit the ground running and have already created and published several images processing with these Pastel Textures and have proven very popular and so will gladly share recipes in the coming weeks to help inspire your own summer adventures!

This pack contains 50 rectangle shaped textures with a minimum size of 4000 x 5000 pixels and at industry printing standard 300dpi.

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Pastel Painterly Photographic Textures

50 Pastel Painterly Grunge Textures

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