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Yesterday afternoon we went for a quick drive out to Otago Peninsula and  got some much needed exercise walking up the hill to the Highcliff War memorial, it was a short but steep climb but the views from the top are wonderful and it was worth the walk.

This is one of the shots I took from up there. I opened it in Photoshop and tried out several textures to see what would work best with the image –  I liked the look of Sisely on the grass, and Tempest Seas on the land so inspired by that, I decided to try and use a different texture on each separate layer. This didn’t go exactly as planned -I could probably have spent another week finding just  the right texture for the sea and sky but patience isn’t one of my virtues :-). I ended up using  more subtle textures on the upper portions  rather than the strong ones I’d initially envisioned.

Anyway, here’s the processing, it involved a lot of masking and the rough cloning out of a row of trees that I thought didn’t add to the composition.
Sisley @ soft light 83% masked from everything except the foreground grass
Tempest Seas @ Overlay 80% masked from everything except the hills
Matmos Lake @ Overlay 100 % masked from everything except the sky and sea
Vieux Gris @ Overlay 19% masked from everything except the sky
Vetiver @ Overaly 100% (this lovely soft green texture gave an overall softness to the image.
I then used a very soft Nik Color Efex cross processing layer to tweak the tone slightly, I could probably have used curves but I love the ease of Nik!
And it was done! I’m definitely going to try and do this again sometime.

Sisley and Tempest Seas are from the Spring Painterly Pack, Matmos Lake is from the Summer Painterly Pack, Vetiver and Vieux Gris are from the Autumn Painterly Pack.

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