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It’s been a while since we’ve had some floral prettiness with texture here on the blog!  This was taken in our New Zealand spring a few months back. The flowers grow over the fence just down the hill from where I live and I couldn’t resist picking a sprig while passing, I’ve no idea what they are but they’re a beautiful subject, especially when paired with one of my little oriental styled teacups.

Processing as always was pretty quick, I used just one texture, but I used it twice at different blending modes, something that often works well depending on the photo.

Organza @ Overlay 74% masked from the flowers so as not to overwhelm them with texture.
Organza@Softlight 76%
At this stage it did look okay but to tweak the tone slightly I used a Flypaper Nik Preset, Sugar.

Organza is from the Distressed Painterly Pack, the Sugar preset is from Nik Presets 4 pack.

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