French Receipts JPEG Pack


Full Jpeg version complete with original vintage paper backing, see bottom of page.


We have two different format choices to offer of this new overlays set, firstly this French Receipt png pack contains 44 transparent black and white and some coloured background overlays. Average sizes are around 5000 by 6000 pixels or more. These overlays will work with most Programs that can already utilise the Flypaper Texture Layers we have been successfully selling since 2009! Each included page of this set is a tiff Scan of an original vintage French document which has been cleaned, processed and turned into a professionally sized, transparent graphic design quality overlay that can be either used on their own or merged with your Graphic and Photographic projects to add extra historical depth and interest. During the scanning and processing of hundreds of documents in Tiff Raw, we thought it was a shame to not offer the full Jpeg images, so we also have a full Jpeg version complete with original vintage paper backing, see bottom of page.

Below is a small sampler mosaic of four pages to give you a general idea of what the png pack contains, the transparent files have been put on top of a Flypaper August texture (not included) for demonstration purposes only.
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Some of the headers in our header montaged sample image have been coloured by simply using any Photoshop program.
Simple colour change instructions:
Once you’ve moved the PNG overlay onto your base image in Photoshop: Image – Adjustments – Hue / Saturation. Move sliders to approx. 30% for Saturation and Lightness, & move top slider to  colour.

Important Note: Both Packs contain identical receipts , the Jpeg pack  being slightly smaller sized due to massive pixel size of the jpegs.
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