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Welcome to our Provençal  Texture pack! We’ve sourced this pack of photographic textures from ancient Provençal villages earlier this summer, using their natural clay tints which were mined from their world famous open clay pits that have also been used to manufacture artists pigments for hundreds of years. These soft toned pigments are sprinkled throughout this soft summery themed pack of grunge.

Photographed on sun-scorched lazy afternoons in tiny medieval Provençal villages whilst the locals took their siestas through the cigal and cricket chirping afternoons. Their ancient natural sun aged pastel painted house colours form the base textures of this pack, their place names used throughout to name the textures from the salty fishing port of Marseille where they drink Rose wine and tiny black coffees in zinc bars along the Cote d’Azure to gorgeous pastel toned resorts of Cassis, Saint Tropez, Cannes and Nice then up to the Roussillon clay pits in the heart of the Vaucluse, where the sun-baked soft ochre clay of the Apt valley was mined for painting their village house-fronts. Then moving through sunflower fields of Orange, up to the fragrant, soft purple lavender fields of the northern end of Drome valley where the famous early morning, truffle markets crown our Provençal odyssey!  

This Provencal pack contains 51 rectangular tonally coloured textures which have an affinity for use with your landscapes as these are mostly landscape orientated textures. This French summer themed pack comprises of several painterly,  zinc and metallic scratched based textures, the rest are derived from soft toned natural clay pigmented masonry and grungy paint. This is an easy to use all-rounder pack which also contains the 51 thumbs in a folder you’ll need to be able to load into Dr Russell Brown’s Adobe Texture Panel without having to produce your own thumbs.

The textures have a minimum size of 6000 by 4000 pixels and are at industry printing standard 300ppi.

All our textures can be used in any editing programme that supports the use of layers, Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, Gimp etc You can also use our textures on your iPad, Android and smartphones if you have a suitable app installed. You can only use them in Lightroom if you use an add-on that allows Lightroom to use layers such as Perfect Layers.
To download, click on the add to cart button, a download link will be sent to you upon payment.

Flypaper Provençal Textures

51 Grunge Textures




Please note, it’s a big file so why not grab a coffee while you’re waiting for the download 🙂

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