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Sometimes it’s the unintentional photos that work the best! Yesterday afternoon I noticed some storm clouds brewing to the south so we rushed out to the beach to see if I could get some photos with dramatic skies over the sea but the heavens opened before I got there and it absolutely poured down, the rain was so heavy that the wipers could hardly cope. I took this shot out the car windscreen between wiper passes and loved the impressionist look of the result much better than than the beach photos I took once the rain had passed. The softness of the original made it perfectly suited to textures.

Now the processing…
Nik Color Efex Ink filter adjusted to taste, this gave the shot it’s yellow/purple toning
Filone @ Overlay 60% masked gently from the central portion
Filone @ Overlay 60% masked as above
Tempesta @ Overlay 100%
Copy of Nik Ink layer @ Soft light 50%
And it was done!
Filone and Tempesta are both from the August Painterly Pack

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