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Yesterday afternoon I put the Lensbaby Edge 8o on the camera and went for a walk on a  beach little to the south of the city,  a cold front and rain was predicted so I went armed with a jacket only to find it surprisingly warm. The sky was dramatic though, you could see the band of frontal clouds approaching from the south over the sea,  it was one of those times I wished I’d had another lens with me, but I’m usually a one lens person when I’m out shooting so I had to make do with what I had.  While I did get some moody sea and cloudscapes, I think this was the photo of the day. And the rain….well it didn’t come yesterday, but has today!

Now a quick note to tell  you that Adobe’s Russell Brown has an updated version of the wonderful Flypaper Textures Panel  on his scripts page, now you’ll be able to use all your Flypapers in the panel  and for   those Lightroom users who’ve always wanted to use textures that  OnOne software has the layer plugin Perfect Layers  available for free. Enjoy 🙂

And the processing…
Nora Batty @ Soft Light 55%
Artemisia Silver@ Soft Light 100% Gently masked from the riders
Sauvage Byzantine @ Overlay 73% Desaturated to taste using a hue saturation adjustment.
Then to tweak the tone I used Nik Colour Efex  Ink filter (colour set 1) at a fairly low opacity.
Nora Batty is from Tex Box 1, Artemisia Silver and Sauvage Byzantine are from the Autumn Painterly Pack.

Please visit our Pack page or Combo Pack page to buy Flypaper Textures.