River Saone part two in portrait format

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mouse-over for before view.

Shot towards the end of the the same Saone river shoot blog we posted the other day,
I thought I’d quickly follow it with this similar but also quite different image that was processed in a similar way.
I used a poloriser filter on the camera to bring out the blue sky colour.
For processing I used Nik color pro to lighten the bottom with the reflector filter, then saved and sent it through Topaz impressions to give it a slightly more painterly feel, this smoothed out the image a little, but I could easily have left that process out as its so subtle here.

My favourite part, as ever is opening Russell Brown’s free Texture pannel Pro in Photoshop CC 2017, still loaded with our new Flypaper Vignettes Textures.
I only chose the warmer toned textures as I wanted to bring out the sunset tones in the clouds and after just a couple of clicks the image was in the bag, it came together so easily that I didn’t try anything else, just tweaked the horizon straighter and saved, job done! ☺ You can see the final straightened version on my Flickr and facebook, I couldn’t show it here as the mouse-over would have been jarring.

Vignette no.17 in Overlay @ 23%
Vignette no.19 in Overlay @ 80%
Vignette no.15 in Overlay @ 29%

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