Shell Collectors

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I love these low aspect shots as they can add drama to even the most mundane scene! Here’s a shot from the winter on a semi-cloudy day, just moving towards a dog walking family and captured them several times with the camera almost touching the sand whilst shooting blind, a bit like camera tossing, it was all in the luck of the draw!  The inclusion of the foreground shells and family on wide angle mode suggested a story, hence The Shell Collectors title. Were they collecting shells I hear you ask? Who knows, its the suggestion that counts with illustrative imagery!
Note the dramatic lightening change, if you mouse-over you’ll see a very different sombre shot, this is because I’d zapped it up with the HD filter in photoshop 5, then ran it through Nik color efex pro – pastel filter and then textured with Flypaper textures. These textures utilise the Flypaper taster pack, and are installed on Russell Browns fabulous automated Texture panel! Fans might be interested to hear that Photoshop tweets confirm our Flypaper Textures Taster Panel is their most popular download!
Creme angaise – Overlay @ 100% made pale blue with colour sliders
Muscatel – Soft Light @ 100% gently removed from middle of image with a soft brush
Sariel Leather – Overlay @ 100%

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