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One of my projects over on flickr is to take a photo a day,  and with the exception of a couple of missed days I think I’ve met the challenge. Some days it’s a bit of a struggle to think of something to take a photo of, but it’s amazing what you can find when you look.  This shot is the result of a rummage through the cutlery drawer, these well used or should that be well loved spoons are my favourites,  and they’re much more photogenic than the modern stainless steel variety. My background here was an old book which added its own texture to the shot.

Both of the textures I used are from the new August Painterly pack, in fact both are part of the August taster pack too.
Demetrius @ Soft light 100% masked gently from the focus spoons
Tabula @ Soft light 65% masked from the spoons
It looked okay like this but to finish I turned to Nik Color Efex and used a Vintage Film filter to add a bit of a vignette and slightly adjust the tone.

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