St Pauls

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One of my biggest regrets about having lived in London for almost 20 years is the fact that I never really did the whole tourist thing, never visited the Tower of London, Westminster Cathedral, Madame Tussauds, Buckingham Palace, Tate Modern, and finally St Paul’s Cathedral – Too busy trying to make a living I guess? So this time as I was in the area, was able to visit the Tate Modern and St Paul’s however I baulked at the 15 pounds cathedral entry and thus just looked inside, saw a thousand no-photography signs and left, but not before capturing a roped off clock tower staircase! Here’s the stolen image before and after Flypaper texture, the light was lovely, very blue and sunny outside so no flash fill-in was needed.

The before has had a slight detail enhancement from Nik color Pro Efex, pulling out all those rich stone tones, I wish we could show 3 mouse-overs but its not possible, we tried, so you’ll just have to imagine the original humdrum flat shot! I then decided to play with Nik Reflector Efex 4, and was delighted by the re-balance of light, helping to bring it to life.

Finally, I tried a few textures but the one I was instantly happy with by the way it pulled the whole image together  was from the new August Painterly, a warm canvas texture called:
Danielli – Overlay @ 75%

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