Tea cups video tutorial

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By popular request we publish the full written recipe as seen in Martine Roch’s YouTube video we taped on sunday.
Martine had been preparing a video Art lecture about her surrealist imagery to take to Mexico in June, and already had a bit of practice.
So I suggested we do a fun little unscripted movie showing how to achieve a simple textured watercolour effect and show the Russell Brown flypaper texture panel’s ease of use at the same time.
We literally threw this video together as we textured it!
The original teacup image is Martine’s and is from her Getty stock photography collection.

As shown on the video, double up the base image.
take the duplicated image and select the photoshop ‘watercolour’ filter. Use minimal strength filter setting and save.
Then pull out Russell Brown’s Texture Panel with the Flypaper taster set loaded.

Dawn Grunge – Soft Light @ 100%
Aquaflore – Soft Light @ 50%
Muscatel – Soft Light @ 85%
Aquarius – Soft Light @ 100% – desaturated by 75% approx. with color balance sliders.

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