Tintype Edges Launch!

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Mosaic two redo

Welcome to our much-requested second Antique Edges texture pack!
This brand new pack has been years in the making, as we started buying original Antique Tintypes back in the noughties building up a large enough collection to justify creaming off only the most interesting to include in this unique Tintype Edge flypaper set. This Tintype Edge pack contains 37 unique textures, and this time there is a good mix of portrait, landscape and square formats. Exact sizes vary but all are 4500 px minimum on their shortest side and all are 300dpi. The two below are Daguerreotypes and wouldn’t fit into our usual mosaic but are also included.


These tintypes can be used on their own as textures or as bases or even as a sandwich under our original Glass Edges along with all our textures and so we’re really looking forward to showing some interesting combinations with them over the coming weeks to inspire your creativity!
To whet your appetites, below we show one of our experimental images, a magnolia seed head that was simply scanned on an open scanner in Tiff and then superimposed on Tintype number 34 from this pack using Photoshop, however we’ll share full recipe info and big mouse-overs on these scanned ‘collection’ images in upcoming blogs.

Unknown tree seed pod


Combining Lensbaby selective focusing with these tintypes will create a visual marriage made in heaven. Other uses include replicating the now popular wet plate collodion process for shallow depth of field portraiture, Civil War re-enactment photographic replications and even creating
‘The Walking Dead’ Zombie look !

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