Tintype Jug

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Yet another blog post from me!  Paul has had computer problems recently  but he’s almost back up to speed now with a sparkling new toy so you will be pleased to know there will be blog posts from him again in the not too distant future 🙂
In today’s photo you’ll see my newly acquired enamel jug, I inherited it from my father who used to use it for watering his tomatoes. My father has recently sold his house and my sister and I have been very busy clearing it out, a very hard job both physically and emotionally….there are memories attached to almost everything! My stock of photographic props has increased tenfold though and now my house needs another de-clutter!.

Anyway, on to the processing.
Tintype 29 @ Soft light 100% masked softly from the flower
Mystic Hues @ Soft light 100% with its colour desaturated and toned more blue using a hue saturation adjustment.
Curves adjustment to lighten and tweak the tone.

Tintype 29 is from the Tintype Edge pack and Mystic Hues is from the Spring Painterly Pack.