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Skies are difficult things to get right, I normally use a PL filter on my lens to get darker deeper blues at the cost of the foreground being too dark as above, this is where textures come in handy to lift those dark areas, but I also like to pre-process in Nik Color Efex first. Here I’m showing my Image with the Nik recipe on the upper right, I’ve saved this recipe and have called it Quince. It basically does what it says, it turns a modern digital picture into a vintage looking film image. I really wanted to lift those shadowed areas, and replace blacks with a warm sunset hue.

For our flypaper texturing, I used the taster pack yet again, though this time I changed the colour of Apple Blush with the aid of the colour hue sliders to a bright yellow as pictured, this used over the image in Multiply mode rips the blue sky apart, leaving a sort-of washed canvas effect I was thrilled with and so good I used it twice!
The other textures are just supporting acts adding light to the base and helping to re balance. The image was very soft so I used the new CS6 new oil paint filter at a low setting to pull it all together and encourage a painterly effect. I finally tweaked the finished image back in Nik Color pro, by using Lighten centre filter, and highlight filter to brighten slightly.

Nik color pro efex processing

Detail Extractor Filter
@ 26%
normal radius
Color @ 100%
Luminosity @ 100%

Cross Balance Filter
Tungston to Daylight (1)
@ 70%

Film efex: Nostalgic Filter
Film Type @ no1
Brightness @ 32%
Saturation @ 80%
Glow @ 40%
Vignette @ 0%

Flypaper Textures

Aquarius – Soft Light @ 48%
Creme Anglaise – Overlay @ 15%
Apple Blush – Multiply @ 52% (made bright yellow in hue sliders)
Apple Blush – Linear Burn @ 15% (made bright yellow in hue sliders and flipped vertically)
Copy of Nik color base image – Soft Light @ 28%

Final colour and brightness tweaks in Nik color Pro.

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