Montaday Tour aka The Saracens Tower

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On my way back to the car whilst shooting French sunflower fields, I came across this unusual angle of the ‘Tour’,
which we normally dont see from the road beneath, I’d already had my Lensbaby Optic 80 on the camera, so this is what I used!

In processing I first zapped up the colours in Nik Colour effects Pro, then using the Russel Brown Flypaper panel I quickly textured.
Only one texture wasn’t on the script and that was Pans Sky, which I’ve put into a home made Painterly textures file for the panal.
One great tip I can offer is to downsize your full size textures but keep the dpi in 300, then you wont encounter printing issues later on,
oh, and it still works a treat, zipping along just as fast as the taster pack! 🙂
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Muscatel – Soft Light @ 100%
Aquarius – Soft Light @ 100% desaturated colour
Apple Blush – Soft Light @ 100%
Pan’s Sky – Soft Light @ 55% gently removed from all but the sky

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