Tree Sunrise

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Recently Jill pointed out I’d not done a blog entry for months! So here it is, my mea culpa blog! But I must also quickly add that I’ve not been lying on my laurels, I’ve been doing loads backstage and this will shortly become evident with new flypaper projects that we’re not at liberty to share at the moment.

One of these projects needed new imagery and thus I found this oldie but a goldie image, never released in this format before, the original is a small square crop and now graces at least 3 metaphysical book covers in France and the USA – thanks to Getty images. Shot just before midsummer dawn headed towards the beach, even the rudely awakened dog was still groggy and you could just see he was thinking “WTF?”.

Recently shooting towards the sun has again become all the rage, which I think its a throwback to 1960’s/1970’s psychedelic photography? Or perhaps people are just beginning to get more comfortable with digital photography, whatever, Getty absolutely love these kind of images! Today anything and everything can be utilised to inject a bit of excitement or difference into imagery, Flypaper Textures, lens flares, selective focus, Tilt Shift, light bleeds, lens baby effects, the lot!

These kind of wide landscape images which btw, make great website headers, were made up from two pano shots and merged, as I didn’t own a wide proper angle lens back then.
Quickly textured using the Dr Russell Brown Flypaper Textures script, which btw, we’ve recently heard is Adobe’s number one download!
– Took just a couple of minutes to complete, the classic Leaky Garret showing the most textural mood here from our Flypapers dawn, Tex Box 1

The original, on the old flypaper blog was mainly achieved with the use of another absolute classic from Tex Box 1 texture, Muscatel. However I chose not to use Muscatel this time as I didn’t want this image too warm..

Apple Blush – Soft light @ 100%
Leaky Garret – Soft light @ 100%
Creme Anglaise – Soft light @ 49%

Here are a set of flypaper painting videos created by our new best friend Thomas Churchwell !

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