a vine road less taken

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This week I finally had my car returned from the garage after waiting 2 years to get my front Volvo bumper replaced as I had skidded in the mountain snow and had managed to plough up a stone farm wall and ended up at a 45 degree angle! Thankfully, I had a friend with me and we managed to push it off the undamaged wall, and drive home to the coast and ever since I’ve driven around with the cars innards showing and thus curtailing any long trips.

So, this is where the title comes from!:-)

Getting back to the image, the raw base was brightened slightly in Photoshops HDR toner and given a slight painterly effect by reducing the detail by around 6%. I then duplicated the image and ran the upper image through the Watercolour filter, and used the lowest settings (see my River Bathers blog post for more info).
The image was then run through Nik color efex pro, program’s – Bi color filter, I used the top lemon yellow setting in their list, bringing the top opacity slider down to around 30% and pushing the blend slider up to around 80% for a subtle color and balancing the image by brightening the road and darkening the skies top.

It was then ready to get out the textures. As its a spring image I pulled out the Spring Painterly textures first and used Creme Anglaise, then from the summer painterly I used Aquarius, but desaturated it as it was already quite green! From tex box 2 I used the Colosseum sienna, and finally I used an oldie but a goldie, Muscatel also from tex box 2. All these textures are in our taster pack and on Russell Brown’s Texture Panel! 🙂


Creme Anglaise – colour burn @ 22%

Aquarius – Soft Light @ 100% – desaturated

Colosseum sienna – Soft Light @ 42% gently removed some of the darker edges

Muscatel – Soft light @ 71%- gently brushed some of the center away

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