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Owl Service


Its like Christmas even in high summer when you come across an old image that’s worth processing!
Happened to me here whilst going through old external hard drives. I shot this back in the winter of 2008/9, whilst exploring our local ancient graveyard in Beziers City center after first moving here from a nearby village. The moment I opened this old file I instantly saw this flat, boring snap crying out to become a gothic book cover image, just patiently waiting to be processed.
It’s serendipitous now because we’d just released Tintype Edges and Metallic Textures, both of which were heaven sent for this kind of gothic subject!

Processed just using our Flypaper Textures, I tried many combinations but the two latest Fly releases won out in the end.
I gently brushed away the Metallic textures from the bronze verdigris Owl to help it ‘pop out’ slightly.
The final Tintype edges primarily worked by adding a soft grungy vignette and beefing up the marble background, pulling it all together and producing a heavy gothic atmosphere.

Pewter Metallic – Soft Light @ 100%
Silver Nitrate Metallic – Overlay @ 33%
Tintype Edge2 – Soft Light @ 26%
Tintype Edge14 – Soft Light @ 100%
Tintype Edge 16 – Soft Light @ 42%

Pewter  and Silver Nitrate are from the Flypaper Metallic Pack, Tintype 2, 14 and 16 are from the Tintype pack.
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  1. I was looking at textures on the internet and saw your gorgeous image of the single shell sitting on folded paper. Paul, you restored my faith for the simple close-up image, I had begun to doubt myself and some of the things I like to photograph. I have been fortunate recently to get advice from a professional photographer in my internet community for a project I am working on. I went to look at his professional portfolio gallery (not the same gallery as he has with FAA, it was stunning, like your photography although different). His portfolio consisted mainly of architectural photography (corporate, school and resort) and food photography with some people shots (chefs in their environment). I was blown away and felt my photography and manipulations were insignificant. That was the other day and today I saw your stunning photography and more on your website. Thank you for holding true to your dream, your work is inspirational! What a great website and look you have achieved, you deserve being recognized by Adobe.

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