À la recherche du temps perdu

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Welcome to the first Flypaper Spring texture recipe! We’re really pleased to be able to use the freshly named textures, as before naming we used various numbers and joked that they only really come to life once they are named!
During the extraordinary high spring tides a few weeks back, I tried out my new Lensbaby Compositor in the sea mist. Normally our beaches are dry so I always try to take advantage of the reflections from sand pools whenever there are high seas.
Processing was fairly straightforward, I wanted the paler Spring Textures to add lightness and heighten the ethereal quality of this cloud covered image.

Opal – Overlay @ 100%
Mystic Hues – Overlay @ 100%
Apple Moss – Soft Light @ 50%

Later I double processed the image to beef up and define the the overall look.

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