During the midsummer, having just lost my Internet connection,
I discovered I had much more time to get out there and take actual pictures! This was one very early pre-dawn rising, I drove towards the local beach and decided this wheat-field with it’s ruined stone barn might be a good spot for a sunrise.
The actual image was much darker but with the help of the new CS5 fake HDR facility I was able to boost the dark base of the image.
The base image above has already been lightened, but it was much too saturated so I used the original darker raw base image on top to tone it down.
This and the rest of the recipe is as listed, if its not too clear, please feel free to ask below!
When I had almost finished I decided it needed more ‘elements’, so I added the birds on the horizon and a mist to soften the horizon line and add, as the local French say, Je nes sais quoi? or in English – I don’t know? – a little bit of atmosphere that was lacking!
Please note, all textures used here were blurred, except the Pans Sky texture.

Base image HDR over-saturated
Raw base image – Colour – @ 100%
Matmos Lake – Overlay @ 100% Desaturated to an Aubergine colour, flipped vertically to darken the sky.
Rose Blush – Overlay @ 100%
Aquarius – Overlay @ 27% Desaturated to a pink/green tone with the sliders
Sky layer; Pans Sky – Multiply @ 21% – warped, compressed 50% upwards.
Birds layer; Darken @ 48%
Horizon mist; a fingers-width of Lavender Skies – blurred – Screen 70% slightly brushed from front of barn.

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