A new dawn !

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I’m back after two weeks with only a sometime Iphone connection,
and goodness, it was like the dark ages!
Many thanks to Jill who has been a star!:-)
One of the byproducts of being almost web free was more time, and I tried to be productive, a couple of days, even getting up before dawn to capture sunrise over poppies etc. The great thing about doing this is it gives a new lease of life to tired old photo haunts!
This was shot a few mins after sunrise over a green wheat field and a vineyard on the horizon. The camera was very low, almost in the wheat, and I shot on automatic in raw mode.

Processing was simple, I used just one texture,
Muscatel, desaturated, Hard Light @ 100%
And a base copy which was altered in curves, changing the saturation to more of a purple tone. This final top layer was Normal @ 44%

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