These very small and very scruffy apples came from a roadside tree, I’d picked them hoping they’d be sour as I had intended making a savoury chilli jelly,  I discovered however that  they’re sweet with very tough skins….definitely not for eating but they made good jelly.
I liked how they looked in front of my newly purchased bowl -you’ll be seeing more of that in the future:-)

Because of the simple subject matter I wanted to give this  a clean look so I processed fairly simply
Apple Blush @ overlay 42%
Apple Blush @ Soft light 48 %
Peach Blush @ Multiply 66 % this was just to give the apples a little more depth so I removed much of the texture from the background.
And finally to add a little softness …..
Fly Edge 8 @ soft light 25 %
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