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I have one blueberry bush in my garden. It dates back to the days when I was studying horticulture by correspondence at one of our NZ universities. As part of our studies we had to attend a week long block course which for me meant travelling to the North Island. It was great few days of practical lessons and field trips and meeting my co-students and the lecturers.
At the end of the week I came home with this blueberry bush, it sat at my feet in the plane on the flight home (not sure if that would happen now!) Anyway it’s thrived in the garden and if we protect it from the birds usually get a small crop of berries…mmmm!!

Processing…well after an initial tweak of the tone and suchlike with curves.
I used:
Archival Canvas@ hard light 40% (this gave most of the softness you see in the finished photo)
Voyageur Map @ multiply 100% (de-saturated to remove the yellowish tone)
Another curves layer to soften and lighten
Bluish colour layer @ screen 25%
Copy of background @ screen 39%
Copy of background @ normal 23 %
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