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As an avid reader and part time librarian I have an avid love of books, the real versions of course, ebooks are handy to read too but the paper versions are so much nicer…the rustle of pages, the weight, even the smell…the list goes on! You can’t take a nice photo of an ebook either!

Now the processing.
Opal Silver @ Soft light 100% masked from the books
Bauxite @ Overlay 81%
Then I used to Nik’s Brighten/Darken centre to add a bit of a glow to the central portion.
At this stage it looked okay but I wanted a little bit more warmth on the books so I added…
Casanova @ Soft Light 27% masked from everything except the books.

Opal Silver and Bauxite are from the Metallic Pack, Casanova is from the August Painterly.

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