Almost every time I go to the beach I come home with a pocket full of small shells and stones and suchlike. Most of these ones came from a beach near the entrance to our harbour where there are lots of these tiny treasures underfoot.
I processed these with textures from our new Fly Edges pack. I only used two of the edges here, but could have used a different combo and got quite a different look. I am enjoying the effect the new textures give and their versatility, they make great textures as well as edges given the right photo.
The recipe is as follows, I used both edges with their edges showing.

Fly edge 2 @ Screen 52%
Fly edge 21 @ soft light 100% (I inverted this layer but it probably wasn’t necessary)
Hue Saturation layer to make things soft and lighter
Copy of background @ Soft Light 64%
Fly edge 21@ Overlay 100% with a little texture removed from the centre
A curves layer to tweak the tone and contrast..