Butterfly Bliss

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Just like to take this opportunity to thank all our customers and viewers and wish everybody from both of us – Happy Holidays!:-)
Here’s an oldie but a Goldie, taken with a 75-300m zoom lens in the summer at a small lavender farm at Barjac in the Gard area of the south of France.

Processed first by tone mapping in Photomatrix, to enrich then adding:
Phosphorescence – opacity – Soft Light @ 51%
From Pack One of our Flypapers.
I gave the final image a clean up with a slight paint effect
Reprinted here:
“To achieve the painterly effect, I simply use the ‘Colour Noise filter’
at a very low setting, then sharpen this with ‘Poster Edges’ Filter at around 10%.This pulls it together again, I sometimes also use the
‘Paint Daubs’ filter at a low setting and then Poster Edges”.