Canal avenue

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Having started this image months ago I abandoned it.
Jill reminded me of it and so I reluctantly had another go!

I used the original textured image and simply added more.
It created this picture up on Fickr.
Unfortunately the quality was too small as a ‘keeper’
being only 72 dpi, so I started again.

The original photographs were taken on Capestang’s temporary winter dam in the middle of the canal, a kind of island made of the mud from the winter closure and clean-up of the canals basin.
This picture is made up of 3 joined up pictures. The water, horizon and sky, a kind of Landscape layer cake, then merged with Autopanopro.
It was then cleaned up with the old painterly effect and this recipe.
My idea was to get an old french impressionistic painting effect on old linen. You can see the Necropolis/linen texture in the waters shadows, this was achieved by the use of the Pin Light filter.
I hope to continue with more of this effect in future posts!

Cyprus Haze Overlay @ 100%
Necropolis Hue @ 34%
Necropolis Luminosity @ 100%
Base image Soft Light @ 27%
Base image Hard Light @ 100%
Base image Pin Light @ 100%
Antique Liaisons Soft Light @ 27%
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