Christmas Roses

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It’s Christmas eve here in New Zealand and my Christmas preparations are largely complete thank goodness!! In some ways I envy you northern hemisphere people your winter Christmas celebrations. As well as preparing for Christmas we have to cope with organising summer holidays as most people take their annual leave after Christmas, the end of the school year and the high season in the garden. Tomorrow we intend to have a casual BBQ Christmas dinner with my mothers wonderful whiskey trifle to follow….mmmm!! I love trifle!!

On that note, Paul and I would like to wish all our loyal customers and readers of this blog a very Happy Christmas. and thanks as always for your support, friendship and inspiration.

Anyway back to the photo…this one was processed with several textures from Pack 2 and one from Pack 1
After duplicating the background and cloning out some distractions.
I added a selective colour adjustment, the only colour adjustment I made here was to the neutrals. the settings were Cyan -5, Magenta +10, Yellow -8 and Black +6.
Textures added were
Peach Blush @ Overlay 66%
Peach Blush @ Hardlight 13% masked to remove texture from the key areas.
Ming @ Multiply 56 % this layer had its colour changed with a hue saturation layer so it was warmer.
Archival canvas @Screen 7% masked as before
Archival canvas @ Soft light 100%
Apple Blush @ Overlay 68 %

Happy Holidays (and Texturing) everyone!