As its still winter over here and too cold to get out much, I’ve been revisiting some of my old images from last summer.
I said summer but my visit to England in August was more like our winter in the south of France! This day was freezing, and more so on top of the white chalk cliffs at Birling Gap, near Eastbourne on the south downs.
These young cows were happily munching away, and I guess more so than usual as the strong cold sea winds kept the pesky flies away from them! Speaking of flies, this recipe is also refreshingly simple, I pulled out the original Necropolis from tex pack 1, dragged it over, pulled it down much lower than the actual base image as the corners do get darker and above also, I then cropped the middle out, discarding the rest.
A re-balance was important because the grass was too dark and heavy, the extra use of the same texture bleached to a milky colour sorted this out. I finished with a general brightening of the flattened image.
I could have carried on, cropping square perhaps and using more textures, but not today, today I draw a chalk line at just one texture! 🙂

Necropolis soft light @ 20% on grass and cows only
Necropolis soft light @ 100% lightened to a very pale/milky green with colour sliders
Necropolis soft light @ 100% over clouds only

See the photo in glorious Cow ‘o’ rama on Flickr

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