Curious Cows

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This is part of the large herd of cows from the dairy farm across the road from our country hut. In that area there are almost more cows than sheep now, something that makes me sad as I much prefer the traditional sheep farm than intensive dairy herds. Cows however are such photogenic beasts and lend themselves well to textures ๐Ÿ™‚

I processed these ones as follows
Concorde @multiply 40%
Antique Liaisons @ soft light 100%
Muscatel @ overlay 44% desaturated slightly using a clipping mask hue saturation layer . I then added a mask to the hue saturation layer so that only the sky portion was desaturated. This layer also added the slight vignette effect you can see.
Necropolis @ Overlay 53% toned slightly blue/green using a hue saturation adjustment
I finished with an unnamed flypaper from the new pack we’re working on @ overlay 71 % , it added subtle depth and interest. It’s going to be a great one to use, so watch this space ๐Ÿ™‚
I finished with curves layer to brighten things slightly.

See the photo onย Flickr

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